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Eat, Donate, Enjoy

Posted by sirensays on April 29, 2010

Yes, I am riffing on “Eat, Pray Love”! I have been working away at my *real* job, getting ready for a big event tomorrow. It’s an annual fundraiser for one of our summer youth programs. We are very lucky to have a wonderful, high end restaurant sponsoring the event. It’s deeply moving to me that in these lean times, this restaurant is willing to sponsor us and so many people are willing to pay for seats, knowing that their personal or corporate sponsorship makes a big impact on the lives of others.  

All of us at this organization are tired and pushed by deadlines. Even so, I am taking a breather to post this in order to akcnowledge the incredible generosity of others. What inspired me to do so was opening an invoice from a vendor doing work for this event, and seeing the sizable discount we just received. What a lovely and incredible surprise!

Watching the fantastically bright full moon this week was a reminder that the rhythym of the seasons and of our lives can coalesce gacefully and graciously. It felt like the moon was smiling down on the earth, happy that it’s spring and that this part of the world is in blossom. I hope that the event tomorrow unfolds gracefully and graciously, and as the moon wanes, the obstacles facing the youth of this community dissolve and disappear. May it be so!

By the way, this summer program also involves volunteer mentors for the youth, local jobs, training and sponsorships. If you’re interested in a fun opportunity to be a mentor for a couple of months this summer, let me know.  We treat our mentors like the valuable resource that they are, appreciating their time, wisdom and commitment.

Happy Beltane!


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