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Happy Mabon!

Posted by sirensays on September 22, 2009

Here in California, Mabon mostly seems like a continuation of summer, even though there are Autumn and Halloween displays at the stores, kids are back in school and the days are rapidly growing shorter.

Autumn Display of Gourds

Autumn Display of Gourds

So it’s a mix of Autumn abundance with still-Summer blooms such as this:

Morning Glory on Mabon

Morning Glory on Mabon

If you’re in the area and have the chance to visit Roger Reynolds Nursery on Encinal Avenue in Menlo Park, you can join in their 90th year anniversary this month and check out their amazing kiwi vines for yourself:

Kiwi Vine at Roger Reynolds Nursery, Menlo Park

Kiwi Vine at Roger Reynolds Nursery, Menlo Park

There are places to sit underneath, amidst all the gorgeous plants the vines shade. You can look above at the fruit:

Kiwi Vine With Fruit, Roger Reynolds Nursery, Menlo Park

Kiwi Vine With Fruit, Roger Reynolds Nursery, Menlo Park

You can buy Autumn plants, check out their amazing display of heirloom gourds and pumpkins for sale in their Carriage Shop, and still feel the spirit of Summer with their edible herbs, peppers, lettuces and other vegetables. In this climate, even at its coldest, the Green Man is never very far away. He may recede into the woods, but he keeps a watchful eye on the area’s incredible flora and fauna.

Green Man on Mabon

Green Man on Mabon

Given that in my last post, I mentioned that for me Mabon calls to mind the Queen of Pentacles, here is a drink created by Liani, of Liani’s Tarot ( that she has named “Queen of Pentacles.” Here it is before adding the alcohol:

Strawberry Basil Virgin Queen of Pentacles

Strawberry Basil Virgin Queen of Pentacles

Liana says: “I wanted to celebrate the start of the cooler season with fruits of the earth. My favourite herb in anything Italian is fresh basil. Follow that with berries for dessert and I’m anyone’s… You know how sometimes you draw two opposing cards and they combine to make the most precious reading, as long as you add intuition? Well, combining basil and berries works in the same way… as long as you add alcohol! Try this, chilled. I have named it ‘The Queen of Pentacles’ because it’s earthy and bounteous in flavour:

5 fresh basil leaves

1 shot Grand Marnier

1 shot Chambord (or other berry liquor)

3 dashes cranberry juice

Chopped strawberries”

She adds – “PS: This is way too much fun. There have to be other cocktails out there that you can link to tarot cards… Email your recipes to, along with the card you are naming your cocktail after. The best entries will be published here on the blog and will receive a free 3 card email reading! Get out the blender…”

What a great idea – Tarot Cocktails. I once had a wacky idea for football season: Tailgate Tarot. If you combined that with Tarot Cocktails, you can forget the football! And we all know that if football season is here, it really IS Autumn, no matter how hot it is outside.

Stay tuned for some great Autumn upcoming posts:

  • An interview with The Garden Witch, author Ellen Dugan. Her latest book is coming out in October and I was lucky enough to grab a little time with her. She is currently offering online classes and has an informative, fun blog
  • Profiles of 2 wonderfully talented Conjurers who will also share their other talents
  • More from Elka Vera, who was featured in my Aug. 17 post “Magical Charm School: Do Your Own Thing. Better.Elka has some great surprises in the offing, including more artwork and more classes
  • And of course, plenty of writing, profiling and photos for Samhain

Stay healthy, happy and abundant!


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