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Magical Consultant Susan Diamond of Serpent’s Kiss

Posted by sirensays on September 14, 2009

Indeed they did bend over

Sometimes it makes more sense to hire someone to do magic for you than it does to do it alone or rely on friends – or even a coven.  I say this because a magical adept who acts as a hired gun may be able to see the whole picture more clearly than you and your friends and/or coven. A hired gun may be expert in different types of magic and magical habits that they can call upon.

I have found that having a hired magical gun is just like consulting with an expert in other areas, such as a dentist, plumber, attorney or pharmacist – but certainly more fun! It is very personal, of course, and might even feel initially strange if you are used to solo or group magic. I was very comfortable because the magical consultant I contracted with is a person I have known for years. She knew about the situation I wanted help with, she had a good working knowledge of my abilities and skills so that she could instruct me to work in tandem, and she also has a tremendous sense of justice that aids her greatly in her work. She is intelligent, tenacious, powerful and magically gifted.

Since my issue was a justice issue that affected not only me, but ultimately thousands of others, I wanted to work with someone who could just cut through all the potentially conflicting thoughts, ideas, fears and concerns of those involved, and work on the heart of the matter. In this case, the heart of the matter was corruption and greed, perpetrated by any number of illegal acts visited upon the working poor, disabled, lower income and underserved in my community. If this sounds like the backstory of a legal thriller, well, it is a legal thriller, just in non-fiction form. My intention was to address the foul rotting issues at the heart, turn the tables on the perpetrators and see if we could score winning first steps in a class action lawsuit. And that we did, we did indeed!

A Little About Susan Diamond

Susan is an east coast transplant whose beauty, grace and intelligence are great foils for her no-nonsense approach to working magic. A respectful, inclusive priestess in several traditions, Susan is well-versed with Neo-Paganism, Hoodoo/Rootwork, Palo Mayombe, Ifa, Shamanism, Astrology, divination and energy work.

Susan moved to the Santa Cruz area and opened the much needed Serpen’ts Kiss in downtown Santa Cruz. It’s a magical market that is intoxicating to those interested in magic, the exotic and that which just plain smells good! A sensual redhead, Susan dresses like a gorgeous gypsy and has a graceful, sensual and intelligent presence. She allows her brain and heart to dominate when you consult with her, using excellent listening skills, psychic and divination abilities to address your situation.


As I’ve gotten to know Susan through the years, I have come to admire how she weaves her professional life with magic, humor and creativity, using her excellent sense of discernment to guide her business. She also creates several lines of her own products and I have found them powerful, lovely and compelling. However, in our work together, she didn’t try sell me a bunch of product. She trusted my abilities and the work was authentic, not a guise to sell me product. Frankly, if I had it my way, I’d visit her shop weekly to peruse the latest items. But I have been to places where everything was such a sales push, I felt that what I needed wasn’t relevant and of course, that’s a huge turnoff. You won’t find that attitude at Serpent’s Kiss. Susan and her staff care about clients, about delivering good customer service and about making sure people can buy what they need. The staff are also magically talented in their own right, teaching classes and offering divination and spiritual consulting services.

Serpent’s Kiss also has a workshop space called Community Crossroads. They have many renowned authors do workshops and they also offer their consulting services in this spacious, private area.


So now that you all clearly know I am a big fan of Serpent’s Kiss, let’s get back to the main subject of this post – using a magical consultant. When I first contacted Susan about this legal issue, she listened carefully, talked to me about the outcome I wanted, how we could work together, how to go about it and she named a very reasonable price.

When the time came for the actual work, I sent her all the information I had, including an email outlining the relevant points that she could refer to, information on those on the oppposing side and the judge’s name. She also performed divination to determine the best course of action, instructed me as to what to do on my end and we both set to work. What I wasn’t expecting were all the powerful photos that her partner took of this working. The first photo in this post is one, and here are some others:

Court case magic at work

Court case magic at work

Honey Jar & Dressed Candle

Honey Jar & Dressed Candle

You Made Your Bed...

You Made Your Bed...

Justice - A Dish Best Served Hot

Justice - A Dish Best Served Hot

Firing Up Justice

Firing Up Justice

So as you can see, this was a powerful working. On my end, I did a spell which was very clear, powerful and well-directed. – and I am continuing it until the case is fully resolved, If it hits a snag, I know that I can work with Susan again to further our intent. I feel great about our magical partnership; frankly, it was fun, compelling and potent. Most of all, I am thrilled with the powerful results. It makes complete sense to me now to have the choice to work with a consultant.

If you want to contact Susan about divination, magical. shamanic or energy work, she can be reached at: 831.423.5477. The Serpent’s Kiss link is on my blogroll to the right of this post.


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