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Upcoming Flower Moon/Hare Moon

Posted by sirensays on May 4, 2009

For many of us who practice magic, the phases of the moon are important and many magical workings happen accordingly.

Currently, the moon is waxing – growing fuller. This is a great time to use the energy of the moon to attract, call in, bring to fruition, begin or enhance something. I have started magical workings with a new moon and worked it through to the full moon, with great results. I love the waxing to full moon phases in Spring, when my spirit is renewed and there is ample evidence of new growth surrounding us.

I especially love creating honey jar/sweetening jar spells during the waxing moon. Honey jars were some of the first magic I ever worked, and whoa Nellie! I had great results. Also, honey in a hollowed out apple works great, but that’s a whole other blog post! Before I talk further about this type of spell during the waxing-to-full moon, I want to prevent potential confusion. Many magical practitioners who do honey or sweetening jars do not work with the moon phases. Traditions such as Hoodoo don’t work moon phases, but they do powerful mojo with these jars, so if you ever work with a rootworker/conjuror, don’t let the lack of importance about moon phase er, well, phase you. Here is some more information on honey/sweetening jar spells:

You use a jar of sweetener (honey, molasses, Karo or other type of syrup) into which you place the name of the person or the situation that you wish to sweeten, along with spiritually relevant herbs and symbols, and then burn a candle of the corresponding color on top of the jar after dressing it with an appropriate oil.

The pluses of this work, besides the results: you don’t need much room, it can be quickly hidden or kept out of sight when the candle isn’t burning, the sweetener and jar are inexpensive and easy to find items, and you can work the spell as long as you want. I also find that using honey is very, very evocative for people. I’ve had students do this spell with marvelous results, no matter what issue, situation or person they were sweetening. They say that honey draws more flies than vinegar, so I guess the magical corollary is that it’s easier to sweeten someone or a situation to your way of thinking then it is to banish them or the situation. I find this work easier to do than banishing, also, since nature abhors a vacuum: if I perform a banishing, I have found that if I don’t magically induce a replacement into the space now vacated by the banishing, what replaces it may not be to my ‘druthers. This isn’t always the case, but I digress. What I especially love about a honey jar spell is that, truly, some things in life just need to be sweetened, so this working is a magical tweaking of sorts. It can also attract something totally new, joyous and pleasurable which enriches your life beyond measure. In short, sweetening jars are fun, creative, flexible, powerful and very affordable. Here is a photo of one, before the candle was burned on top:

Depending on the size of the candle you use, you may need to burn more than one during this spell. When I have done long-term honey jars, I burn for the 2 weeks of the waxing moon, then stop when the moon is waning, then restart when the moon is new again. This requires patience, and sometimes magic needs to work much faster – that’s when working hoodoo makes sense – no moon phase required! By the way, if you’re unclear what color to use for the candle, white can always be used.

The full moon this Fri night (it’s actually full before dawn on Saturday) is commonly referred to as the Flower Moon, Budding Moon or Hare Moon. If you are powerfully connected to the waxing and full moons of Spring, this would be a *great* time to try a honey jar spell for some added oomph.

Check out this gorgeous piece of stained glass art by Angie called Hare Moon:

Her company is called Hare Moon Stained Glass and she’s in Somerset, England. This image is happily used with her permission.

Many spiritual practitioners celebrate the full moon with rituals, either individually or in groups. I enjoy both. Sometimes I only have time for a quiet, relaxing bath by moon and candlelight, sometimes I get outdoors and joy the natural magic of the full moon and a lot of the time I do intense spellwork for myself and others. It generally includes prosperity and healing work, attraction, growth and enhancement/refinement work. But what really stands out for me are the honey spells I’ve done during the waxing moon, with special attention paid on the full moon. If you’re inspired to do one, I’d love to hear from you!


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