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What’s Blooming & Hatching in Your World?

Posted by sirensays on May 3, 2009

Even with the much-needed rainy weather we’re having in the Bay Area, evidence of nature’s hatchings and bloomings are still everywhere. This begs the question – what is blooming and hatching in your world?


Have you taken up a new lifestyle practice, such as meditation or more family dinners? Have you been working more to contribute to the bottom line at work and protect your job? Do you have a new interest or hobby that you’re focusing on? Send me your news and comments, please!

With Obama working hard (albeit, with some controversy), to get this country in better shape than he inherited 100 days ago, the economic forecast still being somewhat confusing and dour, people trying to save money, or their homes, schools, jobs or anything else frayed or torn with budget cuts and the swine ‘flu cutting a swath through some communities, I want to know what people are doing this season that gives them pleasure, feeds their soul, makes them laugh, flirt and dance! Do you go to the beach, to the park, to concerts or clubs? Do you picnic, sing in a rockabilly band or do volunteer work?

Recently, I’ve been to the beach 3 times, been a guest at a lovely small dinner party where the canines outnumbered the humans, was on the receiving end of a lovely bouquet of tulips, discovered a new mystery series, baked cookies and attended a birthday party. You could say I’m blooming pleasure and hatching delight!


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